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Presenting the Pressenk Padless Touch Sensor Technology.

The simplest, easiest, most reliable and versatile touch sensor technology in the world.

The Pressenk Padless Touch Sensor technology (PTS) is the definitive solution for your human/machine touch interface solution.

  • Able to detect infinite number of simultaneous key activations without complicated software algorithms.
  • Our unique process eliminates unintended activations.
  • Can act as an individual key, multi-key functions, sliders, floating point (mousepad).
  • Completely immune to electrostatic discharge and extremely robust against electromagnetic interference.
  • The technology is simplified and easily integrated with existing circuitry, requiring no additional tuning or calibration.
  • Simple plug & play replacement with existing keypads, buttons, or switches.
  • Extremely high versatility in applications with the ability to select required sensitivity from key to key.
  • High reliability, simple design, virtually unlimited lifespan.